I will call the session of the government, and I will not ask who is absent or present, and an advance cannot be given to the electricity of Lebanon except by decree

Interim Prime Minister Najib Mikati confirmed, in an interview with the newspaper “An-Nahar”, that “there is no possibility of anticipating Lebanon’s electricity except with a decree of the Council of Ministers, and it is not possible act contrary to the provisions of the Public Accounting Law. Therefore, a meeting of the Council of Ministers will be held”. The drafting of the agenda has been completed, but will be postponed to early next week, due to social considerations that have emerged in the past few hours and made it necessary to postpone it.

In response to a question about the parties supporting him in convening the government session, he stressed: “I will not ask who can attend the session or be absent, but rather hold it. I have consulted with some in this regard, and that all ministers assume their responsibilities”.

Regarding the relationship with the leadership of the Free Patriotic Movement, he specified that “externally nothing has changed, the differences persist and there are no signs of a solution, given that I do not like getting into problems and disputes with any of the parties, but the negative method that the Free Patriotic Movement adopts in addressing issues, are the problem in and of themselves.

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers had sent a letter to ministers this afternoon to inform them of the draft agenda for the next government meeting, before setting the date for the meeting, “at the request of the timekeeper, and in implementation of Articles 62 and 64 of the Constitution”.

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