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> That’s right, but only if you are absolutely unwilling to change your travel behavior.

And there goes the argument of cheap driving with Electric vehicles.

* Current is Gasoline / Diesel fully valued. It is actually the taxes (several) that make the gasoline expensive.
* Electric driving is cheaper because electricity is currently only 1 tax on it. But that kite will not go on forever. As soon as Father State sees his income disappear from petrol / diesel, you will see the taxes on electricity. And then everyone will pay for “electric” driving. It will again be a kafka of everyone full pot, but not companies and not X and not Y, but you as a normal citizen will pay well.

And now we can add the argument you made yourself. Adjusting your driving behavior is paid EXPENSIVE at the moment! If you get to your destination with a petrol car in 1 day, you only have the petrol costs, highway costs and 1 or 2 meals (most people have snacks).

With stops to recharge, you hang more in the electricity Stations, which means more snacks for the children, drinks, etc. An extra night is quickly 75 Euro for 2 people, let alone a family with children. You can be sure that overnight prices will also skyrocket around certain locations. Now you can do those costs times 2, because it is up and back.

You can argue that you would also pay X euros overnight at your final destination, but that was at your destination. You also give up 2 days of your holiday on location and then have to plan a lot more.

I have done the trips from N-Germany to Spain (and back) and can assure you that the stopover costs money and time because often the “cheap” (if you find 70+ Euro cheap) overnight stays are not along the highway, so you drive around (sometimes on the farmers outside).

And that is with the comfort of being able to refuel quickly. Finding a location where you can stay overnight, park and charge, … It all takes time (and money because you can be sure that landlords will also get their $$$ from your charging). And then we are not talking about extra costs for the highway because you sometimes have to leave or take a different direction to find your overnight location.

And you talk about 600km, but no electric vehicle does that. Air conditioning on, radio, GPS, smartphone chargers … That alone sucks energy. Let alone if you end up in one of the many traffic jams.

I have nothing against electric cars, but I get tired of how easily people talk about adapting behavior, cheap, etc. But with a little world experience you know that it is not as simple as people write. That the cost picture is often higher than that one metric that one is showing off (which is still “cheap”).

The problem is not changing behavior but it is taking a step back. If an electric car gives you 1500km range and can buy for 20k then you will not hear people braying about it (the cars with that 500km range are often very expensive cars). But for many things, an electric vehicle is simply a step back in comfort. Even the cheapest petrol car, which is 1/3 of the price, gives you the opportunity to cover distances in 1 go.

You want to “upgrade” with every car. Don’t downgrade at a higher price. That is common to all people. There is a reason why so many manufacturers are coming out with Hybrid vehicles.

At some point we will come up with electric vehicles that are cheap, give enormous distances and don’t have the downgrades, but we are not there yet. And until we get there, you’re not going to make people happy sitting on their necks because they think the drawbacks are too much.

The horse was also not so quickly replaced by vehicles. That literally took 20 to 30+ years for people to find vehicles affordable. I think back to how grandparents bought a car in the 1970s and they had to go to the tax authorities to prove that they could buy a car because even back then, a car was still an expensive luxury. Or that is how the tax authorities saw it. That is 60 years after the introduction of the first “cheap” cars such as the Fort-T.

Cars are commonplace and I’m sure electric vehicles will soon become commonplace, but for every guy with the hat, it will be quite a while before they leave their old workhorse in the stable.

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