US Inflation Data Surprises and Moves Markets Strongly by

© Reuters – Days after Fed interest rate decision, which markets expect to be a turning point in Fed tightening policy, as Fed embarks on a less violent path after slowing inflation data and signals negatives of a possible recession in 2023, manufacturer price index data arrives today to be the signal This week’s latest is about the state of the US economy, its strength and the validity and validity of the idea of ​​a transformation federal.

Producer price index data

YoY, November’s producer price index rose 7.4%, while experts had expected a slowdown and a rise of only 7.2% after rising 8.0% in the previous reading .

Month-on-month, it rose 0.3% and experts had expected it to maintain its 0.3% gain.

The producer price index (excluding food and energy) rose 6.2%, while experts had expected a 5.9% increase, down from 6.7% on the previous reading.

Month-on-month it rose 0.3%, while experts had expected a 0.2% increase.


Inflation data (Producer Price Index) recorded a slowdown compared to last October’s data, but higher than expected.

markets now

It is now trading up 0.52%, to trade at $1811.25 an ounce, while spot contracts for the yellow metal are up 0.41%, to register $1798.75, and is heading down since the data was released.

And now it’s up 0.15%, trading at 104.903 against a basket of foreign currencies.

Data was negative on Wall Street, with S&P 0.53% futures now down 0.52% and Nasdaq futures shedding 0.44%, after worse-than-expected data.

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