Huawei is building a new foldable telephone “Mate X3” … Unveiled later this calendar year

Rumors have distribute that Chinese telecom machines maker Huawei will launch its sixth “Mate X3” foldable smartphone later this calendar year.

According to the hottest Chinese report, Tipster claims Huawei strategies to start the future era Mate X3 foldable phone in December.

The future technology Mate X3 is anticipated to be lighter and thinner, and display screen wrinkles should also strengthen with enhanced longevity and a new hinge program.

In April, Huawei unveiled the Mate Xs 2, the successor to the Mate Xs released in 2020. The “Mate Xs 2” is an external folding technique, but the “Mate X3” is said to inherit the inside folding strategy. of the Mate X2.

Meanwhile, Tipster claimed the “Mate X3” would be introduced at a reduce value, but did not point out precise pricing facts.

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