How many years will PlayStation 5 last? Sony’s estimate

PlayStation 5 it has just arrived on the market but, like all large electronics companies and others, Sony already has to think about what will be after it.

Speaking to the microphones of GQ, Jim Ryan – president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment – has provided an estimate, albeit a rough one, of how long he expects the next-gen console to remain its flagship and what will happen once it has completed its life cycle.

Ryan joked, but not so much, that “It seems like I’ve spent most of my PlayStation life hearing people tell me that this generation will be the last because something else will make the console model redundant ».

“I’m sure these people are very wise and very intelligent but so far they haven’t said the right things.”

In this regard, the PlayStation boss spoke of “Next five, six, seven years, and who knows after that?”

The impression is therefore that there is the idea of ​​carrying the PlayStation 5 forward for a period of time similar to that of PS4.

However, it is not clear whether this will be included in this calculation una console mid-gen come PS4 Pro or you will go from start to finish with a single product.

“I think that the cloud will likely become more important over the next few years, although there are still challenges in the business model and technology. While this happens, we will continue our studies and investments and we will look very carefully “, he concluded.

Whatever the duration of the console, Sony does not see a console war in progress but, on the contrary, appreciates that there is strong competition con Xbox Series X|S.

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