Here is Paolo Fox’s 2021 horoscope sign by sign!

With the first of January we will try to put this difficult year behind us (not yet finished) and we will try to start over. As per tradition, in view of the holidays, it is necessary to be ready. For this we also rely on Paolo Fox that, with his book The 2021 horoscope released on October 22, 2020 (available at this link), helps us to understand more about how to behave towards the new year. Here is what the astrologer a Corriere della Sera:

I started studying astrology 43 years ago. Of course, it is not an exact science, but a discipline that helps us define our personal evolution, relationships with others, potential in everyday life, the important changes in life. In short, an instrument of inner knowledge. It is always useful to check as time goes by. In the horoscope we continue and will continue to read which are the signs that are doing better and those that will have more difficulties than others, regardless of the sad condition that society is experiencing. The link between the stars and reality is strong, but the stars follow their own path regardless of everything.

Paolo Fox

Here are some little ones anticipation for every single zodiac sign.

Horoscope 2021, sign by sign


For those born in this sign, the past year has been a difficult period. After a complicated two-year period, the time has come to start drawing out your innovative streak and thinking about new projects. In 2021, there could be an important renewal.


Beware of unnecessary expenses, money and waste in 2021. Instead, try to focus on concrete things and avoid useless and superfluous relationships.


In moments of great difficulty you can find the way to success. In 2021, progress is expected in all areas, including the sentimental sphere. Jupiter will be favorable and will help you in recovery.


Saturn is no longer opposite, cancer friends! Many have been forced to start from scratch (also for other reasons by the emergency now underway). Confirmation will arrive by summer 2021 to restart with greater hope.


Since the middle of this year you have had to face new situations. Better not to venture, 2021 will be a year of conservation: avoid competitions and pharaonic projects. Rather, scale everything down and show firmness.


2021 will not bring you great twists, on the contrary … you will have to continue the path already traced started in 2020. In the summer of next year you will have to dispel doubts in love.

Weight scale

For you, an interregnum period is ending in which it was necessary to change duties, roles and schedules. 2021 will bring stability, confirmation and determination.


Yes, it will be difficult to keep your nerve. 2021 will be a year of strong rebellion that will need to be handled with care. Possible changes at work.


In 2021, many projects that have recently been blocked will restart. Even on a sentimental level there will be news! Creativity is back!


The years of crisis also serve to develop a deep awareness of oneself: there will be affirmations, consents and important projects.


A revolutionary sign for 2021! The desire to change will be strong and will lead you to have a new lifestyle, by fate or choice. You will find many points of reference … don’t be afraid of change!


A two-year period of great strength begins for you, not without satisfaction. 2021 is the year of throw-in, even after a recent separation.

In general, then, what will 2021 be like?

2021 will be a complex year, conditioned by a concentration of planets in Aquarius, sign of the revolution and chaos but also one new vision of life. The presence of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will bring difficulties with a peak around 11 February, a month that could change the destiny of many. 2021 will push us to realize the idea of ​​a more sustainable and ecological existence.

Paolo Fox

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