How many calories does half a liter of blood have? (Health and medicine, medicine, body)

Exercise 4-5 times a week

I work in a kindergarten, which means I stand and run a lot.

In my free time I am also quite active. Often times, at the end of the day, I have walked well over 10,000 or even well over 15,000 steps.

To hold the weight I need about 3100 according to several computers. To build it up, like the picture, about 300 more calories. Is that really true? Somehow I find it hard to believe, since 3500 calories are not exactly low. The last time I calculated my calorie requirement it was somewhere around 2400 to build up. But it’s been almost a year or so. But I wouldn’t have expected so many calories 😅 and the 1.5 liters of water a day, isn’t that far too little? Sure, it can vary a lot, depending on how warm it is, how much I sweat, etc. But I also expected a minimum of n liters more. I safely drink 3 liters a day. At least.


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