his “SHOCK” statements on the history of the knife


Thomas Vergara returns in detail to the big case, in which he was stabbed by Nabilla. It tells the exact facts of the bloody night and the days that followed.

Thomas Vergara also shares on his Snapchat account the tensions they know in their couple.


If it is the two lovebirds were often asked about the events which led Nabilla to stab her companion at the time, never until today, we had not had as many details.



In the show, “La conciergerie”, by Jeremstar, whose real name is Jérémy Gisclon, the presenter and Thomas Vergara talk about the facts and his relationship with Nabilla in an interview of almost an hour.


Those who got to know each other on the reality show “The Angels of Reality” have very often hit the headlines with their various statements or their media exploits, but that day, in a hotel near Paris, they went from the People pages of magazines to the legal sections of daily newspapers.

Thomas Vergara looks back on the night of the facts and tells the whole truth.

Following a futile argument, while your tone had been going up for a few hours already, a violent argument broke out within the couple. Already under pressure for long weeks due to their large exposure media, the tension is palpable. Publicized to the extreme, they fell that night. In a stroke of anger, Nabilla allegedly grabbed a knife and seriously injured her future husband and chest and chest. Firefighters and emergency services were extremely quickly on the scene to provide first aid to the victim and place him on respiratory assistance. Urgently transferred to a clinic in the capital, Thomas will be operated on immediately.

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For her part, Nabilla was immediately deprived of her liberty and placed in police custody in order to explain her actions. incomprehensible. Barely a few hours after the fact, a real media storm arrives and the media becomes interested in the case.

Thomas Vergara’s operation is a success, and after more than 6 days in intensive care, the young man’s days are no longer in danger and he wants news of Nabilla.


In the bubble bath with Jeremstar, the former reality candidate describes his relationship with Nabilla Benatar as a story of two people who love each other with such passion that things can go a long way and that, as soon as he left the hospital, he already wanted to see her again.

But justice has decided otherwise. The prosecutor had requested 3 years’ imprisonment, including 2 years and 4 months suspended sentence against the accused, and the Nanterre Criminal Court will follow these recommendations. The young woman, then aged 24 at the time of the trial, had already spent 1 month in detention and will therefore be able to manage the rest of her sentence but subject to several conditions. Indeed, the judge attached this sentence to the obligation to Nabilla to be not only psychologically followed but also, he formally forbids him, under risk of prosecution, to meet or be in contact with Thomas.


It was unfortunately not the first time that violence had reigned in the couple. Another episode took place in the after of a luxury hotel in Marseilles a few months ago. Following a violent quarrel between the two young, warm-blooded lovers, the prestigious suite had been completely ransacked. Result an invoice of 1200 euros for the costs of repairing the room.

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Since then, water has flowed under the bridges …

Today, however, things seemed peaceful. Thomas Veraga and Nabilla Benatar are a married couple with a baby boy named Milann.

Following the global pandemic and the obligation of containment, they are locked up at home in their residence in the United Arab Emirates where they reside. Indeed, for a few months, they have left France to settle permanently in the luxurious and magical state of Dubai.


Confined together 24 hours a day, it seems to us that in reality it would not be the first time that they know this situation. Remember that justice had forbidden them to see after the trial but love being stronger, they admit having hidden for several months, in a small apartment in the south of France, in order to live their idyll far from the cameras and the photographers but especially far from the eyes of justice.

Years have passed …

Thomas Veraga tells us that he no longer wishes to make reality TV and if he admits having been approached by producers to relive his experiences, today he categorically refuses. “Even for 50,000 euros for 3 days? Asked Jeremstar. “No” answers Thomas and he explains the reasons for this choice. He details life in a reality TV show, and says he finds similarities with the deprivation of liberty found in prison; a golden prison, but a place where we don’t are not free to choose, not free to move, where not only do you have to ask permission to go out, but also every exit is controlled at all times. In addition, he knows perfectly well how it works to reach audiences, and he is convinced that we would try to “put a girl in his paws” as he says, and that he does not want.

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He and Nabilla have now moved away from people in the reality TV world and have not kept many friends. Indeed, at one time, these so-called friends seem to have betrayed them too often, or even defrauded, hence the choice to distance themselves.

But not everything seems perfect for the couple during this period of forced confinement, Thomas Vergara admits, to his many subscribers on his Snapchat profile, that he has not shared, for a few days, the same room as his wife. The promiscuity due to confinement seems to have rekindled tensions between husband and wife. 40 days of being around 24 hours a day, without the possibility of going out, seem to weigh heavily on their nervous systems.


A temporary problem that can be resolved with deconfinement, or a more serious crisis that leaves the prospect of separation, the future will tell us.

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