his ex-boyfriend was arrested

Until 3 am yesterday, investigators combed through a Peugeot 207 stopped in the middle of the road, rue du Château d’Or, in Wattrelos. On the ground, three casings taken probably from a submachine gun. Then, the technical and scientific police carried out long observations in a house located at the corner formed with the rue de la Baillerie. These are the beginnings of an investigation for attempted murder opened by the Roubaix police station.

It is not yet midnight when help is called for shots fired during a family dispute on the public highway then, in the wake, for a person wounded by bullet, in the vicinity.

Roubaix firefighters intervene and take care of a young woman aged 22. Hit in the stomach and back, the victim was medicated for a long time on the spot by a team from the SMUR before being transported, in serious condition, to the CHR in Lille.

► The suspect was entrenched in a house where there were two other people: he was finally arrested!

► The 30-something attempted suicide with a knife


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