Here’s what you should definitely get rid of from your children’s bedroom

In this mini guide “Here’s What You Should Absolutely Eliminate From Your Kids’ Bedroom” a focus on modern bad habits.

Since the early 1930s, television has entered our homes to inform, entertain and keep us company. An invention that has marked history and changed the communication sector forever. First in black and white and then in color, the TV has become an integral part of the furniture, indispensable and required by virtually everyone.

For many mothers and fathers providing a nice TV in their child’s room is a gesture of love. However, experts come up with some really important recommendations.

Owning the TV in the bedroom would harm the child. Let’s find out why

A research conducted by the Loughborough University concluded that being glued to the TV would lead to a refusal of the consumption of fruit and vegetables and a predisposition to junk foods. In other words, according to experts there is a link between the time spent in front of the TV screen and an unhealthy diet, full of snacks and unhealthy products. The study in question involved about 527 children, aged 11 to 12 years.

The research showed that about 30% of young people who spend many hours in the company of the TV at a very young age, are more likely to encounter food problems such as obesity.

Parents who have always been a model to follow

The task of being a parent is not easy and making your children happy and smiling is a priority. Experts, however, remember that for children, mothers and fathers are guides and points of reference. It is useless, therefore, to force the child to turn off the TV or to reduce the snacks. You are the example!

Therefore, the psychologists conclude, avoiding the use of the TV for lunch will reduce the possibility of losing sight of the physical and mental health of children. To be avoided, if possible even in the bedroom. To rest your little ones, you prefer fairy tales and books for children, at least up to 10 years of age.

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