New test street opened in Nieuw-West: ‘I could immediately the next day’

The extra test street opened today in the district office at Plein ’40 -’45. In this way, the GGD hopes to increase the willingness to test in the district, which is lagging behind compared to other districts.

It’s alright not good with the number of corona infections in New West: last week almost doubled compared to the week before. Mohammed Hussein of the GGD: “It is really worrying, so we also hope through this new test location on Plein ’40 -’45 that residents who want to have themselves tested with complaints will also come to this test street.”

That does not mean that the 150 people for which there was room today were all from New West. But the visitors who AT5 and who live in Assendelft or in the city center, for example, are glad that they could go so quickly: ‘It took a while, but I was lucky because you read everywhere that you have to go very far, but for me it was just in Amsterdam and immediately the next day. ‘

The infections are also bad in Southeast. Also there promised care alderman Simone Kukenheim (D66) to come up with an extra test street. But that will take a while. Hussein: ‘We are as we speak scouting where we can do that and we hope to be able to open it in the short term, within two to three weeks. ‘

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