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her alleged killer evokes ‘self-defense’

The investigation is progressing.

While the pain of mourning is still alive for Takeoff’s loved ones, the investigation into his murder continues. At the beginning of the month, the suspected killer was arrested by Houston police as he was about to flee. Since then, the latter has always been questioned to understand his gesture, and retrace the evening of the drama.

During a new hearing yesterday, new details were therefore revealed. This was explained in particular by the lawyers of the suspect, Patrick Xavier Clark their client had acted in self-defense. He allegedly shot Takeoff after being targeted by another shot and he then claims that he was not the first to draw his weapon. An explanation that totally contradicts that of the police.

A little later in the transcript of this hearing, We also learn that the suspect’s attorneys have asked to reduce his bail from $2 million to $100,000explaining that Clark’s family are unable to pay such an amount. The judge finally explained to the lawyers that their client presents a high risk of abscondingthe latter having been arrested shortly before his departure from the United States.

Takeoff was assassinated on November 1 in Houston.while out in the evening with friends, and especially Quavo. Since his death, the hip hop community has regularly paid tribute to him.

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