helped by the “May 1st effect”, the incidence rate now below 300 in the Rhône

The number of new cases of covid-19 continues to fall in Lyon and in the Rhône. According to the latest stabilized data, it has fallen below 300.

The circulation of the virus at time t in a territory is measured by the incidence rate. Policymakers have their eyes on it. It is a key indicator. The incidence rate determines the number of positive cases over the last 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants. On a slippery week. It is a very good way to measure the degree of circulation of the virus, at an instant t, on a territory.

In the Rhône department, according to the latest figures stabilized on Saturday May 1, the incidence rate is 286 (the data therefore take into account the period between Sunday April 25 and Saturday May 1). A steadily and continuously declining incidence rate for more than two weeks (as shown in the graph below). Be careful, however, of the May 1st effect, the tests are much less numerous on a public holiday and suddenly, the incidence rate is somewhat biased. But the downward trend has been clear and clear since mid-April.

In figures, the incidence rate in the Rhône:

  • May 1: 286
  • 30 avril : 309
  • 23 avril : 375
  • 16 avril : 431
  • 12 avril : 518
  • April 4: 553 (peak of wave 3)
Source: Public health France



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