I drank the water, I like you, the driver with four per mille tried to talk to the guards

The police called the police on Wednesday to the Hradec Králové part of Březhrad. They stopped a 45-year-old driver who inhaled 3.42 per mille. Another test on the police showed a rising level of alcohol, police spokeswoman Iva Kormošová informed about the case on Friday.

“After his sobering up, the men’s police reported suspicion of a criminal offense under the influence of an addictive substance,” the spokeswoman said. Men face annual imprisonment and fines. According to the spokesman, these are foreigners, the nationality was not specified by the police.

Police spokeswoman Eva Kněžourová said that her colleagues were approached by witnesses who saw a group of visibly drunk men around the car wanting to leave.

“The police found that the vehicle was moving very slowly on the road and that the taillight was not on. The drivers ordered them to stop. The man behind the wheel was obviously drunk, he had difficulty communicating and his movements were uncoordinated, “said Kněžourová.

The police recorded the check on camera, and the man in the video admitted that he drank alcohol before the ride. “Oh, does it have to be? I had a water. Guys, I love you, “he told the patrol, among other things, and then inhaled over three per mille. He acknowledged that it was of high value and was lucky not to cause an accident. “Praise the Lord,” he added.

“The breath test showed 3.42, and then repeated even 3.74 per mille of alcohol. A police patrol called to the scene took over the event to resolve it, “added Kněžourová.

The man answered the state police when asked if he was a driver. According to a spokeswoman for Kormoš, the investigation showed that the driver drank about 0.5 liters of vodka before the ride, then planned to move from one parking lot to another several tens of meters away.

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