The day-care center on Tuniberg is only being expanded step by step – Freiburg

More day care places are being created in the Tuniberg districts of Freiburg – but this will sometimes take years. There was criticism of this in the Opfinger local council.

The Opfinger local council meeting on Monday evening dealt with planning the day-care center requirements, the use of available funds, the citizens’ vote on the “Geothermal Breisgau” project, the planned school campus and building applications.
In Freiburg there is still a lack of daycare places – both for the under-threes and for children from the age of three until they start school. This was announced by Birte Krger from the Office for Children, Youth and Family at the meeting when she provided information about the day-care center requirement planning for 2022/2023. However, she stressed that…

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