Hehamahua Explains the Triggers for the ‘Musa-Pharaoh’ Analogy When Meeting with Jokowi


Head of Homicide Control Team (TP3) 6 soldiers of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Abdullah Hehamahua judging there is nothing wrong with analogy ‘Moses went to Pharaoh‘about the meeting with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), which drew criticism from many quarters. Abdullah explained why he used that analogy.

Hehamahua initially expressed the concerns of a number of TP3 members regarding the meeting with President Jokowi. There are members who are worried that TP3 will not even have another tour after meeting Jokowi.

“Honestly, there are TP3 members who do not want to send a letter to President Jokowi for hearings. The reason is that there is an opinion from some people that those who are usually known by the opposition, after meeting the president, are silent. by certain circles with the intention of injuring the integrity of these figures, activists or leaders, “Abdullah told reporters, Friday (16/4/2021).

“Finally, someone suggested that the TP3 figures not be slandered, it was agreed that the visit to the president was analogous to Prophet Musa visiting Pharaoh,” he added.

Hehamahua said that Faraun and Jokowi were two leaders who had different qualities and leadership models. Prophet Musa AS, he said, was ordered by Allah SWT to approach Pharaoh in soft language.

“The point is this, Pharaoh is the ruler of Egypt, Jokowi is the ruler of Indonesia. They are even if their quality and leadership model are not the same,” said Abdullah Hehamahua.

“Moses left Egypt but was then commanded by Allah SWT to come to Pharaoh with a special message, ‘speak in a gentle and simple language’,” he continued.

TP3 then follows. In the end, only two people from TP3 spoke with President Jokowi, and not much was discussed.

“Therefore, it was agreed that only Pak Amien as TP3 advisor and Mr. Marwan Batubara as TP3 secretary delivered TP3’s statement. In only about 3 minutes, Pak Amien conveyed two verses of the Koran relating to the case of killing believers without rights. according to Allah SWT, it is the same as killing all humans. Second, the punishment for the murderer in the hereafter is hell, “said Abdullah Hehamahua.

“Likewise the Secretary of TP3 who only said two things. First, the murder case of 6 FPI laskar should be processed fairly, professionally and transparently. Second, the murder case at KM 50 should be tried in a Human Rights Court, not an ordinary court,” he continued.

Furthermore, Abdullah Hehamahua considered Pharaoh’s analogy not wrong. He worries that those who criticize him are those who think of President Jokowi as has been rumored so far.

“I think, there is nothing wrong with that analogy. Moreover, the words of the Prophet SAW who said, the greatest jihad is to convey the truth in front of deviant rulers,” said Abdullah Hehamahua.

“If there are those who think Jokowi is not the same as Pharaoh because Jokowi is not an infidel but a Muslim, my question is, who said Jokowi was an infidel? thogut. It is like a thief who enters the market, thinking that everyone there is a police officer who wants to arrest him, “he explained.

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