Heaven of the Ladies, the actor victim of the haters

Emanuel Caserio, one of the actors of Paradiso Delle Signore is a victim of haters: serious attacks against him. Here’s what happened.

Heaven Lord | Source Photo Instagram @emanuelcaserioEvery afternoon Emanuel Caserio enters the homes of Italians with the character of Salvatore Amato born The Paradise of the Ladies. In fiction and in life Emanuel is much loved and followed and is certainly among the most in sight of the popular Rai 1 soap opera.

His character Salvatore runs the coffee shop near the big shop that gives the series its name together with Marcello and in the third season of the soap he leaves with his beloved Gabriella who agrees to marry Cosimo.

Fans of this couple took aim Emanuel and one of his own haters he decided to confess everything and tell the mud car that overwhelmed the young man on Twitter.

Heaven of the Ladies, Emanuel Caserio victim of haters on Twitter

Emanuel Caserio has published two screens on his Instagram profile, a girl has in fact told that a group of fans of the Paradise of the Ladies that loving the couple formed by Cosimo and Gabriella is determined to tarnish the young actor.

“Hi Emanuel, what I’m about to tell you maybe it will hurt youwrote the girl, then revealing that there are three girls who have organized this mud machine, also creating several fake Twitter profiles to insult him.

“Want destroy the Salvariella and make the public hate you “ the girl then continued, explaining that the goal is to put him in a bad light: “They are sure they will be able to pilot the authors with their negative comments about you as well.”

The goal is to make the new couple formed by Cosimo and Gabriella have more and more space. The young woman regrets what happened and is determined to reveal what is happening behind the well-known actor.

The response of Emanuel Caserio, who writes: “It won’t be me who will tell you how to use your social networks, but know that you are confusing fiction and reality.”

The actor adds: “I am sorry for what I have read, I do not deny it. But I will continue to do my job putting my soul into it as I do every day. ” Emanuela then gave one great lesson to his haters: “Having said that, I forgive you because I understand how much fragility must be behind your gestures. “

Source Photo Instagram @emanuelcaserio

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