The problems and misadventures of midlife dramas

The problems and misadventures of midlife dramas

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“The summer months of Zhang Weiguo” (hereinafter referred to as “Zhang Weiguo”) was neither common nor collapsed. The tales of the play are fragmented and the model is absurd and ingenious, all pointing to the trouble of “middle-aged foods” in the theme, casting and content of the engage in. Compared to the traditional presentation and fashionable capabilities of other thriving movies and Tv dramas in China, the essence of this kind is to describe the “bothersome chuckle”, which is what “Zhang Weiguo” hoped to realize but did not totally realize.

Middle aged rice with raw rice: the “cooked” of the texture and the “uncooked” of the casting

When folks arrive at middle age, they glimpse around bewildered, sigh a couple of moments, and have a great number of entanglements. Zhang Weiguo endured from “middle age syndrome”, borrowing revenue, dishonest, domestic slaves and unemployment. When he was younger, he was demolished by his closest more mature brother Lin Hongnian and suffered a life-lengthy personal injury to his life. Later on, he shot a “descendants of eunuchs” scene to generate income. Taking site visitors and building added income is like joking with his more mature sister Zhao Yan, who has been lacking for a lot of several years and reunited, “This existence has not been easy. A particular person pulls his son to improve.”

Older brother Lin Hongnian at first held “place C” in mainstream Television displays, but was fired in the new media competitiveness. From a “major boy” from Nanking to a “crushed Beijing” loved ones, he was in a predicament amongst occupation and relatives dilemma while Ms. Lin Gu Jiayi The “knife-mouth knife heart”, like Chinese medicine, is obsessed with well being care, the outer circle is round and the inner square, so that everyone about him is protected with bruises Zhao Yan has a crush on Zhang Weiguo, “the nervous program is not incredibly excellent, blend of anxiousness and obsessive-compulsive ailment”, in no way once again. Not like the “minor summer sunlight, always brilliant and sizzling”, center-aged individuals are subjected to terrific physical and mental force.

“Zhang Weiguo” has a strong function, sound detail, accurate arguments and age-aged humor. It captures the “cracked” survival condition of center-aged individuals. It is the “cooked” section of “cooked rice”. , the dialogue is really enjoyable, the opponent’s enjoy is fantastic and the whole detail is really rubbery.

When it arrives to middle age, there ought to be appropriate actors to perform, which has to say “Huang Lei phenomenon”. This drama is not so a lot “Zhang Weiguo’s summer season” as “Huang Lei’s summertime of middle age”. In the latest several years, Huang Lei, who has been addicted to assortment shows, has a ton of rhythms and matters every time he appears in Television set series. A person is that visuals of him in assortment demonstrates and flicks and on television are normally blended and linked, specifically “Longing for Lifetime” produced him a consultant of center-aged mother and father. Nevertheless light and exquisite, he enjoys anointed preaching. After that, his long-lasting residence for the wide variety demonstrate appears to be inseparable. The etiquette of “Uncle”, which in flip influences his job in comedy and demonstrate. The 2nd is the distinction with the past roles: at that time, the younger and charming Huang Lei was quite good in “4 Generations With each other”, “April in the World” and “The Oranges Are Purple”, which amazes four, and has published, directed and starred in the Television set collection “Time Like Water” and the drama “Key Enjoy in the Peach Blossom Land” make everyone sigh for his unique talent. However, in modern decades, just about all of Huang Lei’s functions (“Hey, Aged Gentleman!”, “Minimal Farewell”, “Little Pleasure”, “Xiao Min’s Property”, and many others.) have the exact roles, constantly currently being a father , acting as well considerably himself, and the details surface loose and everyday. , a tiny way too a lot this time Zhang Weiguo appears to have traveled from “Xiao Min’s Dwelling”, he is nonetheless the big-bellied person who is obedient, obsessed, straightforward and easy to deceive. The character structure extends to the storyline, and he seems aged Perplexed and bloody, he feels like he is always all around in his middle age. Seeking at Zhang Weiguo, there is normally the shadow of Huang Lei.

Casting embarrassment really signifies “sheng” in center-aged foods. There are not numerous actors and actresses in China who can play this kind of vicissitudes of center-aged lifetime, heavy but eloquent tales and gentle weights. Huang Lei built a worthwhile endeavor. While the graphic and character basically keep on the prior schedule, but the temperament challenges the old Beijing hutong master, a humble but not deserted little person. Having said that, Zhang Weiguo’s “Beijing-type Beijing-style rhythm” lacks soul, leaving only the saggy trousers, sandals and slippers, little flat head and huge teacup in the picture. In contrast to the earlier hit “Welcome”, Zhu Yuchen, the son of Peking man Wang Niulang, has a lot less power.

The “Huang Lei Phenomenon” is just a microcosm, and the “half cooked” in the casting is also tied to the script and the total presentation of the episode. “Zhang Weiguo” also has quite a few “fifty percent content” posts. Endeavours are manufactured to be grounded, but regional characteristics are way too superficial. For example, at the beginning of the Beijing rhyme drum rap “Every little thing is Very good” made people’s eyes sparkle, and then the aged hutong where Zhang Weiguo lived for generations only had bamboo and rattan chairs underneath the outdated locust tree. . Only the graphic was left and could not be integrated into the plot, just like the previous Peking in the Aromatic Tea comedy, that jasmine pill is often separated by a monitor layer. Furthermore, the previous Nanjing is also missing. There is only 1 sentence of “obediently lengthy and pounding” by Zhang Dache and the Gu family does not have a Nanking accent. In this regard, “Zhang Weiguo” is not similar to the Beijing taste of “Enjoy in Siheyuan” and “Zhengyangmenxia” and Qin Huai in “Kids of the Qiao Relatives”. In addition, whilst a team of aged opera bones is really expressive, the story script is comparatively delicate and as well dramatic, significantly the coincidence and the deliberate “ash scattered along the Yangtze River”, which dilutes everyday lifestyle and will make the tangled unique “Middle-aged layman” has switched to “enthusiastic dog blood”.

“Troublesome Laughter”: Lifetime is hard, but deal with it with laughter

Despite the fact that there are many forms of center-aged movie and television drama, their soul is to exhibit “annoying laughter”. Even though existence is hard, but encounter it with a smile, I consider, this is also identified by “Zhang Weiguo”, if not he will not use Huang Lei’s broken mouth to fake to be lovable, Liu Yijun’s 50 %-truth of the matter and Chinese drugs quietly pierce Zhang Weiguo’s back with Needle back ache to delight the audience. Most of the time we are middle-aged and hesitant folks. Just isn’t seeing dramas like “acquiring enjoyable when you have almost nothing to do”?

But if it can contact this soul it is elusive. Initial, the argument is “scarce and worthwhile”. The excitement of middle-aged dramas is not rather as excellent as the appear and blood of youth drama, and the thickness and continuity simply cannot withstand household melodramas, so there have always been a tiny range of style dramas, lukewarm and lukewarm. , the classics that have been talked about so considerably are nonetheless “The Distressed Laughter”, “The Middle-aged”, “The Satisfied Existence of the Very poor Zhang Damin” and “Sneak Enjoyable” decades back.

At the exact same time, as far as generation is anxious, it is not easy to have a fantastic perception of proportion and management fireplace, not only to generate about midlife struggles, but also to be happy and relieved, to see truth in nostalgia and standpoint, and to avoid. the “center-aged foods” There are not quite a few procedures to comply with on the highway to progress. The movie and television sector applied to advocate the “high idea”, that is, hoping to summarize the plot with a characteristic, if not it will be difficult to distinguish other functions, but center-aged dramas are frequently “tough to summarize” and “complicated to track down” , with unique tales and many subtypes. In new decades, the “middle-aged dramas” led by Huang Lei involve “Little Farewell”, “Small Joy”, “Xiao Min’s Household”, etc., nearly all popular dramas. When this collection is crammed with center-aged sentiments – distinct arguments, refined thoughts, loved ones entanglements, and different middle-aged anxieties and joys, it also exposes the “fifty percent-baked” cast in “Zhang Weiguo”, which is notably reflected in the deficiency of improve and Huang Lei’s self-projection on the position of the center-aged father.

Other common dramas like “Journey of Question”, “Folks Reaching Forty”, “I Am Yu Huanshui”, “My 1st Half of My Lifestyle”, etc., have all their successes and failures to discover from: even if the performances in “Journey of Question” they are on-line, but the script is warped and exaggerated, complete of “literary and artistic accents”, and will have to be designed into a Chinese edition of “Jane Eyre” “Folks Arrive at Forty,” the forged led by Wang Zhiwen vividly displays the morbid center-aged figures of every single character, by the laughter of the psychiatric clinic. The sound satirizes society “I Am Yu Huanshui” is humorous and absurd, observing the gentle from a loser, which is a phase up from the anguish of standard center-aged dramas and “The first 50 percent of my daily life” through two partners of family members. The deception is mixed jointly and the smile is a minor less, Cinderella, the prince of broken desires.

The anguish must be real and a smile should be sincere. This should really be the continual regular in the thousands of alterations in midlife dramas. No matter of the evolution of the moments, this form of drama ought to try to portray middle-aged gentlemen and women of all ages in their professions, family members, men and women, youngsters and thoughts. : Or use “folks really should are living actually and perform honestly” as in “The Laughter of Aggravated People today” to resist the arrogant laughter of individuals evil spirits in society in a exclusive historical time period, or as in “Person to Middle Age” self-deprecating sigh “Improved to use a scalpel than a razor” to clear up the center-aged doctor’s “heavy workload and hefty existence load” problem The viewers was happy from start to end, but on looking at it, the aftertaste was inexplicably unhappy, and the middle-aged melancholy was yet another change in tone of “pleasure in bitterness” The only thing remaining is to be stubborn. “He had to return more mature brother Lin Hongnian as a whole-time driver. He wore a shoddy match like a serious estate agent, but laughed and sighed,” My ancestors were being loaded way too. “” Now every person has a motor vehicle, but I never, the motor vehicle, then I was the 1 who experienced the car, and the some others failed to. “

“Zhang Weiguo” has a small depth worth reflecting on. Older sister Zhao Yan, played by Mei Ting, has just come out of the prognosis and remedy of standard Chinese medication. Even however she was driving, she informed Wei Guo privately: “My moms and dads died two a long time in the past, and my lover also died this yr. There is no relative in this globe.” When she was requested if she was always gloomy, she Zhao Yan laughed at herself, “How can life be quiet?” Huang Lei quickly responded with a grin, “At our age, we are in no hurry to sigh about daily life.” This is the distinctive knowledge and everyday living philosophy of middle-aged helplessness.

Anxious and laughing, but unfamiliar, the “Zhang Weiguo” in comedy have both of those pursuits and delusions, but this is not a common state in center-aged dramas: they are unable to get what they want. This also reflects a variety of middle-aged confusion in the style, matter assortment, part and interpretation of these Chinese Tv dramas and even the movie and television business.

(The author is an affiliate professor of Zhejiang University of Media and Communications)

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