Health affirms that the card requirement has been running since January 26, with “tolerances”

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The Ministry of Health affirmed this Sunday that the requirement for the Covid-19 vaccine card will come into force again from January 26, and that although it is being negotiated with sectors that oppose immunization, it is only expected that there will be “certain tolerances”.

“The minister (Jeyson) Auza mentioned that there are still instances of negotiation with certain groups, but there is no talk of making the date (January 26) more flexible or the measure more flexible, but rather that in certain circumstances there may be a certain margin of tolerance”, affirmed the Deputy Minister of Management of the Health System, Álvaro Terrazas, when asked if the vaccination card will be requested again from January 26, as provided by Supreme Decree 4641.

In this context, he pointed out that in the previous weeks there were between 70,000 and 100,000 vaccines applied per day, which shows that people continue to be immunized, and that it is only a minority group that wants to mobilize in a march.

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He said that 74% of the Bolivian population has already been vaccinated with the first dose, that means that three quarters of the population said yes to the vaccine, according to the authority.

“In that sense, the norm issued for the vaccination card will run from January 26, it will be requested as a requirement. We hope that the instances that must control in the public and private sectors for the entrance to their facilities, have already prepared all this circumstance, “said the deputy minister, in an interview with Bolivia TV.

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Terrazas reiterated that the vaccine is a dose that is alleviating the burden of the disease due to this blow that Bolivia has had with the fourth wave and that it is practically 300% more cases than in the previous wave.

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