Ministry of Health confirmed the beginning of the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Peru

The Minister of Health, Jorge López, confirmed this Sunday that the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. “We are currently in a fourth wavesince we have seen the increase [de casos de coronavirus] and exceeded 5% [de contagios] in different provinces of our country, such as Junín, Arequipa, Cusco and the capital,” […]

Germany in the race against omicron | Coronavirus | DW

Shortly after Christmas, the popular Alexa shopping center in Berlin’s Mitte district is already full of families, groups of friends and onlookers everywhere. The desire to exchange gifts could be one of the reasons for the pulsating world of consumption; vaccination, another. It is estimated that the queue in front of the vaccination center, on […]

ICUs in three cities fill with unvaccinated covid patients

Luis Escobar / La Paz The Intensive Therapy Units (ICU) of the main hospitals in La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz are filled with patients with respiratory complications due to covid and who were not vaccinated. According to the doctors, many of the patients distrusted the inoculants. Now the cost of his care demands at […]

Prof. Petrova: Now the most adequate lockdown is for the elderly

“Urgent measures must be taken to keep the health system afloat. Unfortunately, only 600,000 people are currently proven to have contracted the infection, and 1.5 million have been vaccinated. Ie we have two thirds of the population that is not protected in any way. This was stated in the studio of “Tazi Sutrin” by the […]

János Slavik: It is quite certain that something needs to be done

The number of people in hospital due to coronavirus infection is constantly rising, but there are fewer than in the same period last year, said the chief physician of the Infectious Diseases Department of South Pest Central Hospital on the M1 current channel on Tuesday morning. János Slavik said the delta variant of the coronavirus […]

“Unvaccinated people can cripple the health system”

Many fear that the fourth wave of COVID-19 will be that of children since until now, those under 12 cannot be vaccinated. • Read also: Christian Dubé pleads for vaccination • Read also: LIVE | The latest developments on the coronavirus In Quebec, as of September 3, 81.3% of people aged 12 and over had […]

Concerns that the caretaker cabinet is updating the budget with money it does not have

In a hurry they forgot to evaluate the effect for the following years The caretaker government’s proposed budget update for this year, which envisions BGN 2.1 billion more revenue than originally planned and BGN 1.3 billion more expenditure, will not be approved by parliament despite pressure from the end of last week, which was exercised […]