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Covid-19: Junín region begins application of the bivalent vaccine to health personnel | News

With the endowment received of 14,400 doses of the bivalent vaccine against covid-19, the Junín region began the vaccination of health personnel from the Health Service Provider Institutions (Ipress), National Police, Armed Forces and EsSalud.

The vaccination campaign was launched at the Daniel Alcides Carrión hospital with the presence of regional authorities.

We thank the Ministry of Health for sending us more than 14,000 doses of bivalent vaccine, which will allow us to prevent serious cases of covid-19. [Está] Aimed at health professionals, who care for our population and I thank them for their work”, affirmed the governor of Junín, Zósimo Cárdenas Muje.

The bivalent vaccine is a booster dose that protects against the original SARS-CoV-2 virus and the omicron variant that predominates in the world, allowing the person to have a better immune response against the new lineages of the virus. covid-19 and avoid serious episodes of the disease.

We have health personnel at the regional level, over 22,000 users, of which 12,720 already have the fourth dose and are fit to be immunized with the bivalent vaccine. […]. We call on health personnel to complete their doses and protect their health”, remarked the regional director of Junín Health, Gustavo Llanovarced Damián.

Complete vaccination scheme

To access the bivalent vaccine, an initial vaccination schedule of four doses and a period of two months after the application of the last dose must be complied with. After the vaccination of health personnel, the immunization of the vulnerable population such as older adults, pregnant women, people with comorbidity will begin.

The vaccines will be distributed as follows: 5,880 doses for the Salud Valle del Mantaro Health Network, 1,080 doses for the Daniel Alcides Carrión hospital, 840 biologicals for the El Carmen hospital, 780 vaccines for the Julio César Demarini Caro hospital, 480 doses for the Chanchamayo Health Network, 600 biologicals for the Pichanaki Health Network.

Likewise, 1,260 doses for the Jauja Health Network, 1,020 vaccines for the Tarma Health Network, 420 biologicals for the Junín Health Network, 480 doses for the Pangoa Health Network, 1,140 doses for the Satipo Health Network and 420 vaccines for the Red Chupaca Health.

The regional director of Health reported that coordination is being made with the Education sector to issue a regional document that authorizes the attendance of students to classes with the third or fourth dose, depending on the age group.

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