He kissed the emblem on the jersey, the fan kicked him. The London derby had a disgusting ending

Coach Mikel Arteta wanted to go to the fans in the corner of the stadium, but instead he sprinted to the other side and hit the crossbar to get his game off.

I didn’t see what happened. I watched great football and I don’t want to talk about it, Arteta said.

As soon as Craig Pawson finished the first London derby on Sunday evening, the Brazilian tonk Richarlison from the defeated Tottenham (0:2) rudely rammed into Ramsdale and very closely indicated with his finger: Wait pt.

Arsenal’s eight-year-old captain went behind the goal for a bottle of drink. When he bent down for her, one of the fans climbed onto the back, taking his gaze away from the hits, took a step towards the advertising panels and kicked him.

The fans beat me up during the race, so we gave it back to them, said the twenty-year-old man. Some took it to the gym, but one tried to attack me. It’s a shame, even though nothing terrible happened.

In such a situation, the result arouses emotions. But you must never lose respect for the competition, said Antonio Conte, the coach of Tottenham.

Come to these incidents and drink a lot. Under these circumstances, the safety of the game should not be compromised during the rescue. We expect that the win will be severely punished, announced the association of professional players.

We are amazed by the behavior of the fans. We identified him from the video. “We will be working with the police, Arsenal and Aaron Ramsdale to take action,” Tottenham said on the club’s website. Most likely, the blond young man will be banned from entering the stadium.

“I didn’t see it, but it’s unacceptable and it shouldn’t have happened,” said Tottenham defender Eric Dier.

It’s not nice, but let’s celebrate the flight in the cabin anyway, Ramsdale said after the fight.

In England, since last year, 999 people have been arrested in connection with football.

Last year 2021/2022 it was 2198 people. According to data from the Ministry of the Interior, it has been the highest since the 2013/2014 season.

Disgusting dreams ended Arsenal’s second triumph, fifteen out of eight saves. And after Saturday’s portion of Manchester City’s trophy defender in the derby against United, Arsenal leads the Premier League table by eight points.

Arsenal scored the first goal against Tottenham after a quarter of an hour after a rough home goal by Hugo Lloris. On the other side, Ramsdale flashed when he eliminated the outcast Sona angel. And for half an hour he punished with a stele from the middle of the distance, playing Degaard brilliantly.

After the half-time, Arsenal made it 2-0, and there was no chance.

I loved how we played. We were strong, determined, we loved and sweated the fans, praised Arteta.

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