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Has a loan program for women in Tulancingo, 47 beneficiaries

Since the institutionalization of the program Woman, reactivate yourself and move forwardthe government of Tulancingo Has delivered 47 loans of between 5 thousand to 10 thousand pesos for entrepreneurship projects for said sector of the population.

Juan García Melomunicipal secretary of Economic Developmentsaid that this program is complemented by the economic reactivation program for small and micro merchants and service providers, also already institutionalized with the approval of the council.

In the case of the first program, the women entrepreneurs received prior training to present a productive project; After reviewing its viability, the loan is delivered It is covered in weekly payments of 400 pesoswithout interest.

In addition, the beneficiaries receive permanent support from the Hidalgo State Work Training Institute (Icathi) so that they have professionalization schemes for their productive activities.

Regarding the support program for merchants and service providers in general, García Melo said that they do not go through any type of preparation for the presentation of the project.

Well, these are businesses that are already in operation, but require financial support for the purchase of products or equipment to continue with their activities.

This program has so far benefited approximately 400 merchants and service providers.

Economic loans are also among 5 thousand and 10 thousand pesosalso with weekly payments, without interest.

The municipal official said that in cases where the beneficiaries request it, they can also be integrated into the training provided by the icathi.

In both cases, it is the production of food and snacks, as well as cosmetics and the marketing of gifts and textiles, the main activities carried out by the beneficiaries.

The reports and registrations to be part of both programs are granted at the offices of the Municipal Economic Development Secretariatlocated on the ground floor of the municipal presidency.

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