Han Ye-ri, starring’Buttercup’, “Is this kind of good luck coming back?”

Han Ye-ri appeared in the movie’Buttercup’ [사진 판시네마]

“I wasn’t working on it thinking it would be such a good movie. I thought it was a small movie that was fun to work with.”
Actor Han Ye-ri (37) said in a video interview on the 23rd about her movie’Minari’ in Hollywood.

‘Buttercup’ is a work about a Korean family’s journey to an unfamiliar South American farm in search of the American Dream in the 1980s. Yoon Yeo-jung, Han Ye-ri, and Steven Yeon appeared. It made its first debut in the United States last year, drawing favorable reviews from local critics. He is nominated for the Golden Globe Foreign Language Film Awards and the American Actors Guild (SAG) Film Ensemble Award, Supporting Actress Award, and Best Actor Award.
Han Ye-ri took on the role of’Monica’, a mother who leads her family in an unfamiliar land. He said, “Yeo-jung Yoon said,’I didn’t even see Hollywood’s H’, but it’s the same for me. “I didn’t have any thoughts,” he said about his possibility of advancing into Hollywood, saying, “I don’t think about such a grandeur, but I think this could be the last thing I can do.” It was so hard and the actors were physically exhausted and worried a lot about the limit coming,” he recalled.

The movie'Buttercup'. [사진 판시네마]

The movie’Buttercup’. [사진 판시네마]

Also, regarding Yoon Yeo-jung, who received 26 trophies including the Vancouver Critics Association’s Best Supporting Actor Award for’Buttercups’, “The teacher said,’There is no one here who recognizes us, so let’s keep up.’ I learned a lot and I was grateful,” he said, “I hope that the teacher will receive the Oscar. I hope that a big gift will come out.”
Also, regarding the opposite role, Steven Yeon, he said, “I am a honest and friendly person. I have a lot of things I don’t know and want to know, so please help me” and ask, “How was this?” He said, “It was helpful to match my breathing,” he said. “I think I thought I wanted to do well because’Minari’ contains some of his own story.”

Han Ye-ri appeared in the movie'Buttercup' [사진 판시네마]

Han Ye-ri appeared in the movie’Buttercup’ [사진 판시네마]

He also expressed a high sense of trust, saying that he is a “really special person” for director Jeong Isaac. Mr. Han said, “Because the director is a very good person, I thought,’I hope that person will be well, and if I do it, I will be happy.'” said “If I can’t, I will introduce a really good actor. There was a charm of,” he added.

He said, “I think’Buttercup’ will be remembered as a good work. Will I be able to experience this again? I hope this kind of luck will come again, but I think it may not be there,” he said. “I think it will be good to hear that Han Ye-ri is faithful to his part wherever he goes.”

Reporter Yoo Seong-woon [email protected]

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