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Japan’s “snooker queen” Ai Fukuhara married Taiwanese national player Jiang Hongjie in 2016 and gave birth to a boy and a girl. The two have appeared on reality shows in China in the past, and the sweet interaction has made the outside world quite envious; however, Ai Fukuhara has been showing in Japan recently. “Tetsuko’s Room” revealed that she wanted to move back to Japan for a long time. This made her and Jiang Hongjie’s marriage arouse external associations, and even the news that the two were about to divorce. However, Ai Fukuhara exposed the current situation on Facebook yesterday (22), breaking the rumors.

Fukuhara fell in love with Japanese talk show and wanted to return to Japan for a long time

Ai Fukuhara appeared on the Japanese show “Tetsuko’s Room” on the 18th of this month. She said that besides her husband and children, her mother also lives in Taiwan. After marriage, she often runs between Taiwan and Japan. She bluntly said, “Although it is more common Staying in Taiwan, but the children are about to go to kindergarten, so they are considering returning to Japan to live long.”

Weibo rumors Fukuhara loves divorce, netizens say they don’t wear wedding ring in photo

Recently, however, news of “Fukuhara Ai’s divorce” has also begun to spread on Weibo. It is mentioned that in the photos that Fukuhara Ai recently posted, none of the photos seem to wear a wedding ring, and even Weibo has not marked her husband Jiang Hongjie for a long time. The last time Jiang Hongjie’s photo appeared on Fukuhara Ai’s Weibo was mentioned on January 10 this year, “May I ask this smart guy forgot all his Weibo password accounts. Do you know if you saved him? Way?” After that, Jiang Hongjie was never mentioned.

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Facebook exposes Jiang Hongjie’s photos and their relationship is still sweet

However, when the news of their divorce went viral on Weibo, Ai Fukuhara posted on Facebook yesterday, marking her 32nd birthday husband Jiang Hongjie, and mentioned “Happy birthday, Captain So Red. I wish you every episode and every game. Medal, win the championship in the finals, come on”, and tag Jiang Hongjie’s Facebook, sweet Po Wen is also equivalent to personally breaking the divorce rumors.

Jiang Hongjie divorced Fukuhara Ai? The woman personally posted a recent situation | (Fukuhara Ai Facebook)

(Fukuhara Ai Fukuhara)


News source: China TV News


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