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The Russian tombstone market can hardly be called civilized. Despite the abundance of companies involved in the sale of monuments, only a few of them are truly professional full-cycle organizations.

Most of the so-called “workshops” actually have nothing to do with production. They simply resell finished products, purchasing them in China or from domestic wholesalers. Such a scheme allows you to receive greater profits, but the client remains at a loss. After all, it is profitable for intermediaries to sell cheap goods at inflated prices. In addition, they are not responsible for the quality of materials and products. And in case of problems with operation, the tombstones simply disappear from the market, changing the sign.

Industry leader

The only company in the capital that rightfully calls itself granite workshop No. granite workshop “IGranit”. This is the largest manufacturing enterprise founded in 1999. Over two decades of work, the team has successfully completed over 5,000 orders.

IGranit has modern technologies at its disposal: automated stone processing lines, injection molding 3D printers. High level of equipment allows us to produce a wide range of memorial products. IGranit is a completely self-sufficient enterprise, which eliminates the participation of intermediaries. The company directly cooperates with quarries in Russia, Finland, and India. Direct deliveries ensure minimal costs for raw materials, which means affordable prices for customers.

Quality control

Unlike unreliable sellers, the IGranit company has a multi-stage control system. Each batch of materials is tested in its own laboratory for compliance with GOST.

The final check is carried out immediately before sending the finished order to the client. This allows us to completely eliminate defects and ensure a long service life of the tombstones. IGranit is not just a production facility, but a turnkey range of services. In addition to processing orders of any complexity, the company undertakes delivery, as well as professional landscaping of burial sites.

A designer is available to clients on the website to create a sketch of the monument. Consultations with designers and technologists. A surveyor will go to the cemetery to take measurements. Installation of fences, tables, benches. In general, the IGranit company is a guarantee of product quality and service. It is not surprising that over the years of work it has rightfully won the status of leader in the domestic tombstone market!

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