Eurostar Amsterdam-bound Train Breaks Down in Channel Tunnel

Train at At 8.16 (at 10.16 Latvian time) it left London, but about half an hour later it broke down at the entrance to the Channel Tunnel. The destination of the train was Amsterdam.

Passenger train operator “Eurostar”, which provides traffic under the English Channel, explained that the accident was caused by an electric cable falling on the train.

Passengers reported that the train had no electricity and toilets were not working. The company admitted that the situation on the train was difficult.

“Following the difficult situation caused by the position of the train and the track infrastructure, (..) certain safety procedures had to be followed before we could move the train,” Eurostar said, adding that the train was being transported back to London with all passengers on board.

Eurostar apologizes for the problems faced by customers today and announced that increased compensation will be paid to passengers.


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2023-11-30 21:02:52
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