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Goodbye Kate Middleton, she is adamant about the decision she has made

It’s goodbye between Kate Middleton and the Palace. The Duchess of Cambridge and her family have come to the important decision for a reason.

Kate Middleton (Canva)


For more than twenty years the splendid bourgeois has entered the Royal circles, thanks to her love affair with the Principe Williamfuture King of England. Kate Middleton from that moment she became one of the best known women in the world and once she entered the Windsor family she became the winning weapon.

Kate Middleton, born in 1982as is well known, met her future husband in 2001, while both attended St Andrews University in Scotland. Initially best friends, the passion between them broke out thanks to a galley fashion show, and since then, apart from a brief separation of a few months, the two have never left.

In April of 2011 they are therefore convoluted to get married in Westminster Abbey in London, and today they are the parents of three children, one more beautiful than the other: George, Charlotte and Louis. And it is in part for them that the Duchess decided to leave the English court. What happened and what is the precise reason for such a drastic decision?

Kate Middleton: the Duchess escapes. Where will she go to “hide”

Starting next September, the Cambridge will move completely, moving from Kensington Palace apartment 21A to the more intimate and simple Adelaide Cottage in the park of the castle of Windsor. A way to be closer to the increasingly elderly and fragile sovereign, but also to enjoy greater privacy, which had been lacking for some time.

The house, which own “cottage” is not, since it has 4 bedrooms and it is quite large, it is surrounded by trees, with a reserved access which makes it ideal for a family of five. Until now, in fact, Kate had been forced to use her bodyguards whenever she wanted to have four lassi with her children in Kensington Gardens, which are open to the public. This arrangement will allow them, however, to be able to freely leave the property and the dukes also intend not to have fixed servants in the house.

A few weeks ago the three princes finished the school year, and now the preparations for the move have begun in full swing. George and his brothers, as a result, will soon change schools, attending one near the new home.

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