A shocked caller, Mabrouk Attia: My daughter’s spouse is possessing sex with her from guiding, by drive while she is in discomfort !! You would not consider how the preacher answered!

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The nicely-acknowledged sheikh and the well-known Egyptian preacher, Dr. Mabrouk Attia, was exposed to an embarrassing situation although broadcasting just one of the episodes of his specific software The Excellent Assistance on Desire Channel, after a phone acquired from a single of the followers of the software -UPS.

Sheikh Mabrouk Attia been given a request and criticism from one of the viewers of his exhibit from a woman named “Samiya” who informed him that I have a dilemma about my only daughter and I have chosen to current it to you to locate a remedy to this. difficulty.

The girl commenced presenting her challenge by expressing: My daughter has been married for far more than five months to a young man who loves her incredibly a lot and who loves her similarly, but she began complaining to me that her lover methods unacceptable sexual techniques and unnatural with her.

She additional that her daughter’s partner was continually obtaining intercourse with her in his buttocks and, irrespective of his refusal to do so, he would go again to acquiring sex with her irrespective of his fears.

That is why I have picked to concern you about this dilemma to get a remedy from you, Doctor. Just after hearing her ask for, Sheikh Mabrouk Attia smiled at her and reported, “Don’t worry, mainly because there is hope that your daughter’s spouse will come to his senses and refrain from getting intercourse with your daughter.”

He pointed out that several younger men and women right now resort to obtaining sexual intercourse with their wives, due to watching pornographic movies that have turn out to be readily available all the time, particularly in our day, in which several youthful people today are struck by these abnormal scenes and abandon them when getting sex. with their wives.

This video clip has garnered quite a few followers on social networking internet sites and YouTube in specific, with over 9 million views, thanks to this challenge, which has develop into a common habit for numerous younger folks in the Arab planet.

Curiously, this is not the very first time that Sheikh Mabrouk Attia discusses concerns of a sexual nature, as he posts several videos on his YouTube channel in which he discusses the quite a few sexual concerns and issues widespread in society.

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