Good work, hoi. Five two passes will be very important, Vrba pointed out

For sparany lion and encouraged straight. After serving in Pilsen and a draw with Jablonec, they needed to win.

The Scottish Rangers will challenge their second appearance in the European League on Thursday, and will start the derby against Slavia on Sunday.

After those two losses, it’s time we won by such a difference. Five goals outside, that’s positive. I am glad that we are crushing the contact in the table, because elo nm jumped a little, Vrba emphasized.

Are you confused at the right time?
Five ways are very important for us. Both in terms of developments in the European League and in domestic competition.

You soon led, but the opponent then leveled. Didn’t you be afraid of a similar development as a week ago against Jablonec, when you couldn’t take your way back to your side?
Jablonec nm fired gl from one stele in Brno, it is rarely seen. It was wild in Zlín, there were a lot of tables. As a result, I rd.

First you helped yourself with standard situations, you scored the first two goals. So did you pl?
We dream of practicing the standards a lot, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But we also collected from us. I am glad that our quality in the walking phase, speed, was shown. We decided after the beard.

Peek was at the goal, he gave one, he hit you. Praise him?
When you look into history, we were fascinated by Liberec in exactly such performances. We hope that this will continue and we will be satisfied.

When the bag broke down in the first half of the promising two-on-one action, you were very angry.
Then we looked at it and it wasn’t as easy as we first thought from the bench. The space for the torch was clogged, which is why I worked in the cabins to play together in a better position, so that they could play well, so that they could better choose the city.

You didn’t take him to a housewagon in Ln this week. Did he have time off?
Zt ml big. When the others had quiet days, he was with the national team. It seemed to me that it was ideal not only to leave him free. lo asi o dalch est hr. We didn’t want them to travel to Jin Moravia twice in those days. I’m glad it worked out, we managed the match a very long time.

The first league players for Sparta were Punk, Harasln a konen and Minev. Does that mean anything to them?
I admit that I don’t care who you are. Of course, it’s good for the game, loosen their legs as they do. But the result is the result.

Minev scored the most in the second league for bko, he also scored in the game in Zlín. Do you think the horse will be promoted in Spart?
J hozail go in Bulgaria for erno More Varna. When he left, I thought that Sparta had done a great job, he was seen in the Bulgarian league. I thought it would prevail. But don’t know, it’s not as good for him as in Bulgaria. But he has the potential to determine that it works because of his speed and ability to assert himself in the final phase.



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