Feyenoord will pay a fine of 40,000 euros for the behavior of spectators in Slavia

UEFA fined rivals of Prague’s Slavia from the European Conference League Feyenoord Rotterdam with a fine in the total amount of 48,000 euros (1.22 million crowns) for the behavior of fans during the November match in Eden. The penalty also includes a conditional ban on the sale of tickets for one outdoor cup match with […]

Against Spart in without Gerrard. Train Rangers odeel to Aston Villa

Gerrard may have been doing his job in Scotland, but the Premier League refused. Aston Villa is a club with a rich history and traditions and I am extremely proud to have become its main coach, said Gerrard. By the way, this means that the Rangers will not lead into retaliation with the crack of […]

UEFA will also start dealing with the roar in Sparta, and has launched an investigation into children’s behavior in the auditorium

UEFA has launched an investigation into the match between Prague’s Sparta and the Rangers in the European Football League due to possible discriminatory behavior by spectators. Allegations of racism were made by a Scottish club that did not like the roar of children’s fans against Finnish dark-skinned midfielder Glenn Kamara. Sparta rejected the allegations published […]