Mansyardin Malik had warned ‘S’ before the sex scandal was exposed : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTASunan Kalijaga revealed the reason why the woman with the initial ‘S’ finally dared to speak out regarding the alleged sexual harassment by Mansyardin Malik. He admits that it all started with the appearance of Marlina Oktoria.

“So after Marlina exposed the alleged sexual deviation to the media, the party there (Mansyardin) contacted her (woman ‘S’) many times,” said Sunan Kalijaga as quoted from Hotman Paris Show, Saturday (25/9/2021).

According to Sunan, Taqy Malik’s father had a special purpose in contacting the woman. “Yeah, he said something like this, ‘Hey, don’t go along with the media, okay?’ Sunan added.

Unfortunately, Mansyardin Malik’s efforts did not produce results. Inspired by Marlina Oktoria who dared to speak up, ‘S’ opened his mouth after being tightly closed for the past 2 years.

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He then contacted Sunan Kalijaga via DM Instagram and revealed the evidence he had. “At first I had doubts. But after he gave evidence, we finally met,” he added.

Woman S admitted that Mansyardin Malik contacted her before revealing their scandal.  (Photo: Hotman Paris Show/iNews TV)

Woman ‘S’ claims, Mansyardin Malik slept in a hotel in Jakarta, in September 2019. Process check-in and the hotel payment is fully made by ‘S’. But in the room, he admitted, forced to serve the lust of the man.

“I had to do that (body contact) with her. I was under pressure and coercion. I don’t want any other woman to be a victim like me,” said ‘S’ in her statement.*

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