Good to know: This is how you clean your cell phone properly and keep it germ-free

Innsbruck – SARS-CoV-2 is mainly transmitted through the airways and through body contact. MNS masks and gloves are worn to protect against the virus, and it is diligently “disinfected away” and “decontaminated”, which could be dangerous in some way. The worst germ spinner is still often forgotten: our own smartphone, which we always have in our hands and face. Years ago, a study by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine showed that 82 percent of cell phones are highly bacterially contaminated – fecal bacteria were even found in 16 percent of the devices examined. No wonder: many people even use their cell phones to accompany them to quiet places.

It is obvious that regular cleaning of the cell phone is advisable. In times of Corona you should be more consistent than usual.

???????? The best way to clean your cell phone:

➡️ Microfiber cloth: If you simply wipe your smartphone thoroughly with a microfiber cloth (in a circular motion), you can already kill 80 percent of the germs – the University of Furtwangen stated. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth at hand: a sweater (preferably made of cotton) is also ideal for this.

➡️ Do not use a cleaner that contains alcohol: Alcohol can damage the often sensitive surfaces of smartphones. Water is not a problem for cell phone surfaces – but you should be careful that no liquid penetrates into cracks or connections. There are special display cleaners that do not use aggressive substances such as solvents and still clean the surface.

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➡️ Glasses cleaning cloth: Glasses cleaning cloths are also ideal for cell phone cleaning. As the Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences found, every third cell phone that was cleaned with a damp glasses cleaning cloth no longer contains any bacteria.

➡️ Cotton swabs and toothpicks: Cotton swabs are recommended for cleaning the entrances on the edges of cell phones. (If you want to prevent dust in the connections, you can also get protective plugs. A protective cover also lets fewer germs directly onto your cell phone).

➡️ Wash your hands: One of the most effective measures to prevent microbial contamination on the smartphone is to wash your hands regularly. Most of the pathogens reach the smartphone via the hands – and then on the face or, in the worst case, in the mouth. (

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