“God of War: Ragnarok” DLC “Valhalla” will be released for free on December 13, adding Roguelite challenge type gameplay

At this year’s TGA 2023 awards ceremony, the PS5 exclusive game “God of War: Ragnarok” announced the release information of the DLC “God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla”, which will be launched for free to players on December 13.

Valhalla Tour

“God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla” can be said to be a postscript to the events of “God of War Ragnarök”. We will follow Kratos on a journey of deep personal reflection.

After the duel with Odin, Atreus then left, and Kratos saw a path he had previously thought was impossible. He came to the shore of the Temple of Valor, with only Mimir by his side, ready to enter the unknown depths of the temple, overcome the inner test, and face the memories of the past.

Redesigned combat

The team at Santa Monica Studio wanted to create something never seen before in the history of the God of War series. God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla takes the combat players know and love from God of War Ragnarök and combines it with experimental fresh elements inspired by the roguelite genre.

Every time you challenge the Hall of Valor, players will face a new combination of enemies, and there will be surprises along the way, encouraging players to master Kratos’ various weapons and skills from different aspects.

Fight, learn, grow

In Valhalla, a warrior’s soul does not end when the battle is lost. After failing, Kratos will wake up outside the door, ready to take on the next challenge. During each challenge, you will gain from the challenges given by the Hall of Valor and increase your resilience. The more you overcome, the more resources you gain, which can be spent on a variety of permanent upgrades that will benefit not only Kratos, but Valhalla itself.

Accumulating rewards and knowledge in each challenge will help Kratos further explore the mysteries of the temple.

Conquer the Hall of Valhalla

Valhalla Shores will teach humility to all who wish to enter. Kratos must abandon armor and gear in favor of improving himself with each challenge and permanent rewards.

Kratos has access to all weapons and the full upgraded skill tree at all times, but must choose the Shield and Spartan Wrath paths in each challenge. To overcome the challenges of Valhalla and explore the depths of the temple, you need to choose different temporary reliefs, decide which values ​​​​to upgrade, which buffs to choose, which rune attacks to equip, and more. The results of each challenge will vary depending on the reward you choose, so consider your strategy when choosing!

The key to mastery is to prepare wisely, adapt to the challenges you face, and take control of your abilities.

Show your style

In Hall of Valor, armor only affects appearance, so there’s nothing to worry about when customizing your style! Unlock different looks and mix and match to your liking in each challenge to make Kratos look his best in Photo Mode.

Choose challenge difficulty

God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla features five difficulty settings, built and tuned for the unique play experience of this DLC. Each setting can increase combat rewards and can be freely switched between each challenge (the highest difficulty level “Show Mastery” can also be switched at will). Players can choose the challenge level they find most interesting among five options. The DLC will continue the standard of assistive tools set in “God of War Ragnarök” to help players further customize their gaming experience.

Can be played at any time

“God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla” is independent of “God of War Ragnarök”, so you don’t have to worry about missing upgrades, equipment, or not reaching the main story progress when playing. As long as you want to try the DLC, you can start playing at any time!

However, if you are worried about spoilers or explosive gameplay, it is recommended to complete “God of War Ragnarök” first and then play “God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla” as the end of the main game story.

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