Glossary: ​​Adam Vojtěch sang the soundtrack to the apocalypse

Former Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch went to the Jan Kraus TV Show less than three weeks after his resignation to bring us a nice song. Unlike him, despite the ban, I was not and is not into singing. Is it trolling or losing the last vestiges of justice?

Vojtěch had been participating in the Superstar competition since the beginning of his political career. Apart from Superstar, his passion for singing is recorded at the end of the Matrix AB documentary, where he sings Can’t buy me love at the Christmas meeting of the Ministry of Finance.

An unexpected global pandemic and a place to sing at corporate parties and launches has arrived cosmetic eRecept issues needed to be addressed by e-Veils, respirators, hospital bed capacities and staff. The situation is confusing, difficult, insidious and unenviable – and as if that weren’t enough, Andrej Babiš breathed on his back all the time, reminding the minister not to be “decent” and according to which we even beat the coronavirus once.

But if we beat him, he wouldn’t be here a second time. In addition to the virus itself, we also have to deal with unclear communication, conflicting information, illogical and unpredictable measures and unpleasant confusion. Whether Vojtěch’s resignation was often a declining victim, an escape, or whether it was an alleged assumption of responsibility, it doesn’t really matter in this case.

We know that he left during the onset of the second wave, when, after a relaxed summer, it became clear that the well-being was over. The number of sick and deceased is increasing, people are losing their jobs, well-established businesses are closing down, we have to worry about the future of cultural life, but the laughing and relaxed ex-minister, who will forever be one of the symbols of the terrible year 2020, sings to us at Kraus. My Way.

Even Czech wikipedia he says, “the lyrics of the song are about a man who is near death. He is satisfied with himself and takes responsibility for his actions, because despite all the problems in life, he tried to maintain a high level of his moral integrity. ” Wow.

I can imagine that if we were not in the middle of an unpredictable crisis, if the government functioned at least a little as it should, and if it was a policy from a less controversial side than YES, nothing much would happen. A politician who is not afraid to sing is able to reflect with exaggeration on “his journey” from the Superstar to the health resort and has his work under control.

But in the current state, it seems as if someone is doing stand-up comedy on graves. I’m not surprised that it didn’t happen to the former minister, but if the whole Jan Kraus Show team thinks this is the real fun until the autumn evenings in an emergency, it’s even more bad than I thought.

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