Geger, the crown of the beauty queen was forcibly removed during a live television on accusations of cheating

COLOMBO, – Election beauty queen Mrs Sri Lanka At the end of last week there was chaos because there were those who did not accept the victory of their colleagues.

Former holder of the title Mrs Sri Lanka 2019, Caroline Jurie, seizes crown who has been installed on the head of the winner, Pushpika De Silva who is considered not entitled to receive the title because of his divorce. As a result of this incident, De Silva suffered head injuries.

The incident on Sunday (4/4/2021) was broadcast live on Sri Lanka’s national television station.

Jurie first spoke to the audience shortly after the names of the winners and runners up were announced.

“There is a rule that you have to get married and not divorce. So I take the first step, the crown should belong to the runners-up,” said Jurie, before walking across the stage and removing the crown from De Silva’s head who stood still holding a bouquet of flowers.

He managed to remove the crown then put it on the runners up’s head while De Silva left the stage.

In a Facebook post the next day, De Silva said she was not divorced but just parted ways with her husband.

Editor: Anton Suhartono


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