Garuda Indonesia Explains the Chronology of Mumtaz Rais’s Commotion on the Airplane – Airlines Garuda Indonesia exposing the chronology of the commotion of the members of the DPR RI and son of Amien Rais, Ahmad Mumtaz Rais with other passengers on flight number GA 643 Gorontalo – Makassar – Jakarta route.

The incident was triggered by one of the passengers in business class, namely a member of the Indonesian Parliament and Amien Rais’ son, Ahmad Mumtaz Rais, who was caught using a cellphone when the plane was boarding from Gorontalo and when the plane was refueling while in transit in Makassar.

In accordance with flight safety rules, the cabin crew has delivered reminders to passengers three times.

However, the passenger in question still ignored the notification and gave a warning to the cabin crew who intended to remind him.

“This resulted in another passenger (KPK Deputy Chairperson Nawawi Pomolango) who was also in business class to reprimand the passenger, resulting in arguments between passengers,” said Garuda Indonesia President Director Irfaniaputra in his statement, Friday (14/8/2020).

As for the report of one of the passengers who was involved in arguing, the incident is currently being handled by the authorities.

Garuda Indonesia will also respect the ongoing legal process, including cooperatively providing further information if needed.

Responding to this incident, Garuda Indonesia ensures that it will provide full support for cabin crew who receive unpleasant treatment, especially when trying to apply flight safety rules to passengers.

Garuda Indonesia will not tolerate parties caught deliberately violating aviation safety rules.

“We also express our appreciation to passengers who always support the enforcement of flight safety rules,” added Irfan.

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