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Recently our reader Andrey Ivanov contacted the editorial office of Autoreview, who ordered a new crossover from an authorized dealer on October 6 Kia Sorento fourth generation with a diesel engine and a robotic gearbox. Kia scheduled the start of sales of Sorento for October 15, but on October 13, the manager of the dealership contacted Andrey and said that Kia had stopped the sale and delivery of diesel Sorento to customers.

We in Auto Review conducted an express search on social networks and online clubs of Sorento owners and buyers, which showed that many who ordered a diesel Sorento found themselves in the same situation. That is, in fact, on October 15, sales of only gasoline versions of the Kia Sorento began on the Russian market. We sent a request to the Russian office of Kia with a request to explain the reason for the ban on the issue of diesel Sorento. The answer is given in full:

Kia Motors Russia and the CIS is aware that the transfer of the IV generation KIA Sorento to some customers was not carried out in due time. The situation is due to the unexpectedly high demand for this model. In the period from October 5 to the current moment, more than two thousand pre-orders were collected in Russia. However, the situation is already normalizing, and in the near future dealers will hand over cars to customers. KMR and CIS apologizes to customers who have already ordered a new Sorento for any inconvenience caused.

Meanwhile, as Andrei Ivanov told us, the dealer refuses to give him the already brought car, which is in the parking lot of the dealer center, prepaid, re-shod with winter tires and on which additional equipment has already been installed. According to the sellers, the issue of diesel Sorento has been stopped due to some problems with the software of the robotic transmission. All machines are waiting for the control unit to be flashed. At the same time, new terms for issuing cars have not yet been established.

Are there still those among Auto Review readers who faced such a problem when buying a new generation diesel Kia Sorento? Write about your communication with the dealer in the comments.


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