“Game Analysis: Milano vs. Sassari – Key Players and Plays in the 2-0 Victory”

Melli 6 – He works defensively and rebounding, but misses a couple of ‘penalties’ from below and four free throws.

Baron 7.5 – The only one to score at the start, then his triples that overturn the match. In the final he puts the two free throws that close the accounts.

Napier 6.5 – The physical defense suffers and at the limit of the Sardinians in the first half, in the second half he grows a lot and is fundamental in directing and in personal actions.

Ricci 5.5 – He fights to rebound, he can’t find the way to the basket.

Baldasso st

Shields 7 – After a fairly anonymous first half, it grows in the second half and is decisive for digging that furrow which is then decisive for victory.

Alviti St

Hines 6 – Fight close to the basket, command the defense, even if there is a bit of effort against the big men from Sassari.

Datome 8 – The man of the match. Fundamental in the difficult start, when he brings the red and white closer together, then his triples create the gap.

Voigtmann 6.5 – It’s not the superlative of game 1, but still positive with 8 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

Coach Messina 6 – The team seems surprised at the start by Sassari’s physicality and hands on him, suffer until the end, but find the right men and plays to bring home the point of 2-0.

2023-05-29 21:22:19
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