“Mexican Government Secrecy Surrounding Cuban Doctors and Abdala Vaccine Spending”

Under the argument of “reserved file”, the Government of Mexico shielded the information on the public spending that it will allocate to the hiring of more than 1,200 Cuban doctors to attend remote areas and the disbursement for the purchase of 9,000,000 doses of the Abdala vaccine without endorsement from the World Health Organization (WHO), for the reinforcement campaign against covid-19, some of them about to expire.

The federal Ministry of Health said that the data requested by the newspaper Remodeling through the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (Inai), they could not be made public because they were considered national security and could “damage” the relationship with Cuba.

The payment to the Cuban health workers “is part of the contract for the acquisition of the Abdala vaccine,” the federal Health agency specified in the request for transparency.

The payment to the Cuban toilets “is part of the contract for the acquisition of the Abdala vaccine,” said the federal Health agency

The Mexican government maintains an evident secrecy about these specialists and the validation of their studies, mandatory in the Aztec country to be able to prescribe to patients. At least twenty of these physicians were rejected in the state of Morelos for not have a professional license.

A 14 intervene Information arrived in August of last year, in which it was revealed that by 610 specialists from the Island, the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador had to pay $1,308,922 per monthmoney that is managed by the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, SA

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The collaboration agreement signed by the director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) Zoé Robledo and the president of the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, SA, Yamila Ramona de Armas Águila, specifies that the payment is 1,177,300 euros per month, not in another currency, through bank transfer. The López Obrador Administration has the first 10 days of each month to make the disbursement.

The July 2022 agreement established an agreement for the services of Cuban doctors in eight-hour days for five days. Those who cover night shifts will do so for nine hours for three days.

Among the reserved information is also that referring to the Abdala vaccine, which without the endorsement of the WHO was acquired by Mexico to apply it as a reinforcement against covid-19

In September of last year, two months after making the agreement official, it was specified in one of the clauses that the Cuban health workers would have “guaranteed lodging, food and transportation services” in the states to which they were sent. This newspaper has delved into this type of benefits, which in some cases are a la carte dinners.

Among the reserved information is also that regarding the Abdala vaccine, which was acquired by Mexico without WHO endorsement to apply it as a booster against covid-19 and which a few months ago was accepted for administration in children.

At least 90,000 of these biologics will expire in July and another almost 70,000 that were sent to Oaxaca will expire in August. In addition, more than 636,000 doses are refrigerated, unused due to the distrust of Mexicans.

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