“Ondřej Brzobohatý Files Defamation Suit Against Ex-Wife Taťána Kuchařová: The Real Story Behind their Divorce”

Ondřej Brzobohatý clearly defined himself towards his ex-wife Taťána Kuchařová. He blames her for what he says was her release to the media of the church’s lawsuit, which is part of their divorce proceedings, and he has decided to file a defamation suit against her.

Actor and musician Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý once again commented on the case of the text of the church lawsuit, in which his now ex-wife Taťána accused him of dressing in women’s clothes, which Brzobohatý subsequently lightning confirmed.

On your own instagram he is said to have already published a final statement in which he sharply defined himself towards his wife. “It’s seriously too much for my stomach. My family is already being attacked as part of the Kuchařová vs. Brzobohatý case, and the whole matter is falling below the lowest level of public laundry. So I would like to put an end to everything once and for all with my following statement,” he said .

According to him, the evidence about who published the text of the church lawsuit leads directly to his ex-wife. “I saw with my own eyes everything I had to see in order to be sure that my accusation of Tatyana for this act can, and above all, should see the light of day,” he declared.

However, the actor does not intend to leave it only on a verbal level. “I am filing a lawsuit against Taťána Kuchařová for defamation in the civil court, so that the truth will be definitively confirmed in court and the centrifuge of speculation will stop,” he said clearly.

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Kuchařová denies that she was the one who provided Bleska with the text of the lawsuit. “I have never publicly harmed anyone, and Ondřej is no exception. I have nothing to do with this tabloid publication. On the contrary, I never published anything in the media during or after the divorce and thereby protected him the whole time. If I wanted to harm him, I could have done it a long time ago, ” she defended with.

The cook spoke again.  She indicated who published Brzobohatý's hobby

The cook spoke again. She indicated who published Brzobohatý’s hobby

However, Brzobohatý considers her statement to be nonsense. “Despite the fact that the truth has come to light, Taťána continues to shamelessly deny it in her false statements written in the evident hand of a lawyer, in which she tries to throw the blame on me and divert attention from the essence of the matter,” he lamented. “I don’t understand why this whole thing happened in the first place, it seems absurd and unnecessary and I’m sorry,” he added.

Love like in a fairy tale ends with spitting dirt. What went wrong with Brzobohaty?


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