Gabriel Garko’s partner is Gaetano Salvi, a 23-year-old Neapolitan who works at Malpensa

The man photographed next to Gabriel Garko after the actor’s coming out to Big Brother Vip 2020 it is called Gaetano Salvi, 23 years old from Naples who works in Malpensa. A few hours ago the weekly Chi published the first shots of Garko in the company of a young man mysterious and friends Eva Grimaldi and Imma Battaglia. Only recently Garko and Eva have revealed that they are not never been engaged. Theirs was a fake love story. In fact, in Garko’s heart there was for years Riccardo, former partner of the actor who never came out, followed by Gabriele Rossi, another young actor.

Who is Gaetano Salvi

Gaetano is the man photographed alongside Garko by the weekly Chi. This is a beautiful young man who is just 23 years old. On social media he writes that he was born in Torre Annunziata, a town in the province of Naples. For some years, however, he has moved to Somma Lombardo and works at the Milan Malpensa airport. This is not a familiar face in the entertainment world.

Gabriel Garko admitted that he is in love

Interviewed by Silvia Toffanin a very true, Gabriel admitted that he has been linked to a person for some time. After the story with Gabriele Rossi, with whom he remained on excellent terms, he began dating another man about whom he said: “I’m dating someone I get along very well with. It is a story that has just begun“. The person in question would be just Gaetano, arrived in the most beautiful period of Gabriel’s life, the one in which the actor finally decided to go back to being “Dario”, the man he had left behind to be able to play a role too. in life, a necessary condition to hide his homosexuality and to realize his dream of being an actor. Adua Del Vesco’s entry into the GF Vip’s House prompted him to come out and finally tell the truth about their history of love that never existed.

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