Railways and unions agreed on a record early. Wages will grow by two percent, further growth will depend on the economy

We wanted people to be sure as soon as possible in these uncertain times, unions say.

Probably no one remembers such a quick signing of a collective agreement on the track. Czech Railways and the trade union headquarters announced the conclusion of the agreement tonight.

Vladislav Vokoun, vice-chairman of the Trade Union of Railway Workers, told the details of the daily Zdopravy.cz According to him, wage tariffs will rise by two percent next year, and another one percent will be tied to the economic result of Czech Railways. The working time fund for technical and economic workers will increase from 37.5 hours per week to 38.5 hours per week.

“We wanted people to be sure as soon as possible in these uncertain times,” Vokoun justified the speed of negotiations, which in previous years usually lasted until December, or even until January. Last year, the collective agreement was signed on December 12, with wage growth of 4.9 percent.

In other points, according to Vokoun, the collective agreement remains practically the same as for this year.

“Negotiations were not easy at all, we found compromises with the representatives of all trade unions and it is good that the result is the signing of a collective agreement. Of course, everything is complicated by the current economic situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, yet we managed to find a match between the economy on the one hand and social peace on the other,“Said Václav Nebeský, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ČD.

According to him, an agreement was reached on the conditions of a possible need to reduce capacity in the event of a decline in performance due to a pandemic or emergency, which can be applied in 2020. An agreement was also reached on the rules and budget for drawing the Social Fund in 2021.

(updated 20:43 on ČD statement)

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