Friendship, Creative Souls, and Surprises: The Story of Elina and Inga’s Unique Bond

There is a warm friendship between the two women, as both are creative souls and understand each other. She communicates with Inga about her daughter Hanna’s needs, as she often visits her father, a director. It turns out that Elina’s dog Mimi also currently lives in the family of Inga and Jillinger.

“With Inga, I am always happy to meet or talk about technical matters related to my daughter’s coexistence with her father’s family, that is, with Inga. Also to talk about life. And eternal discussions about creative issues. And in this case, a special joy and surprise for Inga’s successful start with a dog book, which includes the story of our pet Mimi,” reveals Maligina.

During the meeting, Inga confesses that Elina is the ex-wife of her most beloved husband.

“You are my favorite husband’s ex-wife!”

The ladies also laugh that this phrase can be understood in different meanings, depending on how the commas are arranged.

As is known, Inga Grenzberg is Jillinger’s sixth wife. His daughter Hanna was born in the marriage with Maligin.

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