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Found tape horror films had a heyday, at least in the film industry, but are now almost completely extinct. Among games, however, not many such things have been made so far. But now the Monumental Collab studio is working on a horror adventure game studded with survival elements, which draws plenty of inspiration from them as well.

A Drowned Lake its story was also inspired by Brazilian folklore, the players set off in a dilapidated boat at night to search for its eerie secrets in a swamp at the bottom of a dense forest. The area is notorious for the fact that most of the people who ventured here never came back. The events begin with the disappearance of a twenty-year-old boy, Bento, and we will investigate him.

Players will be able to control their boat either in a top-down view or in an FPS view, and will essentially be searching for clues and evidence. To do this, they can use a fishing rod to literally fish the evidence out of the swampy water. It will be possible to experience the story from the perspective of three characters: a firefighter, a journalist and an old fisherman.

After watching the first preview of the game, we will be in luck for a real mood bomb. Drowned Lake is exclusively for PC and will be released on Steam. It does not yet have an exact premiere date, but it can already be put on the wishlist.


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