Caitlyn Jenner’s family could make her political ambitions hard to ignore

With the presidential election behind us, all eyes are on California, where Governor Gavin Newsom may be recalled. This means that many opponents of the Republican Party are lining up to possibly take the Democrat’s seat. It doesn’t seem like it’s outside the political norm, but a very familiar reality TV face is considering running for governor, according to Axios: Caitlyn Jenner.

This news shouldn’t take Californians by surprise. In 2003, Gov. Gray Davis was removed from office and that allowed action star Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for office. He wasn’t the only famous face to show up that year: Diff’rent Strokes actor Gary Coleman, entrepreneur Ariana Huffington, and porn publisher Larry Flynt also got into the race.

It’s easy to joke that Caitlyn is considering running because of her reality TV story, but political insiders might well consider her a candidate again because of the deep pockets she brings to the table. table. Considering that just this week Caitlyn’s daughter-in-law Kim Kardashian was declared a billionaire by Forbes magazine, and her daughter Kylie Jenner isn’t far behind as a multimillionaire, everyone should pay attention to it. Kim has also studied law and delved into the political arena in recent years, so California should be careful.

The state might not want the same political circus it did in 2003, and if the entire Kardashian clan decides to back Caitlyn, that would only make the entire recall a joke. The GOP party should strongly reject this idea and find a candidate who is looking to lead from a community perspective, not from a Hollywood red carpet. The entertainment industry should be politically aware, but it doesn’t need all the stars of E! and Bravo are running for office.

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