Friends Josef Abrhám and Jan Kačer: Both were touched several times by the cruel hand of fate

They have been great friends for several decades. The actor Josef Abrhám and Jan Kačer have much more in common than just a love of acting. Within a few days, they both lost their beloved wives, but they had experienced great suffering in the past. Under tragic circumstances, they lost their loved ones earlier.

Josef Abrhám and Libuše Šafránková spent several decades together. However, the actress’ sudden death ended on June 9. His destroyed friend Jan Kačer certainly tried to support the destroyed Abrhám, but only twelve days after Šafránková’s death he lost his wife and the love of his life, Nina Divíšková.

Great friendships

As the web writes, Josef Abrhám and Jan Kačer became good friends in the 1970s, when they met during their engagement in the Drama Club. And later their wives, Libuše Šafránková and Nina Divíšková, were also friends. Both couples spent several beautiful years in their relationships. Recently, however, both men have had to face their wives’ health problems. While Šafránková suffered from lung cancer in 2014 and fought with fragile health until her death, Nina Divíšková suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for several years.

Both Abrham and Duck were a great support to their wives and they to them. In the end, both men lost their loved ones in a time horizon of only twelve days. The exact cause of Šafránková’s death remains, at least for the public, a mystery. And so did the sudden death of Divíšková.

The tragedy has affected both in the past

Josef Abrhám and Jan Kačer have already suffered the fate of a cruel blow in the past. The duck lost his father in tragic circumstances, and Abrham lost his sister. “I didn’t know for a long time that he ended tragically and that he beat himself for us. It wasn’t until I was about nineteen that I discovered a torn twine in the ground and asked. My mom told me that my dad hanged himself when the Germans came, and he was afraid we would end up in a concentration camp because of him. Literally and literally, he sacrificed himself for us, “Kačer recalled the difficult moments according to in an interview with CNN Prima News.

Josef Abrhám again lost his sister Elena due to insidious leukemia. She left for eternity at just twenty-six. “She was a rare creature, an amazing girl. She loved Bugatti step and played really well, ”Abrham recalled some time ago.

Jan Kačer and Josef Abrhám spent decades with the love of their lives

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