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Austria will not gain momentum with green tax hike fantasies

Vienna (OTS) The federal government announced today that Austria should become one of the top 10 business locations worldwide by 2040. FPÖ Federal Party Chairman NAbg. Norbert Hofer has concerns: “As always, it is first announced that a concept is to be worked out. Here the government adheres strictly to the marketing strategy. In terms of content, there was nothing to hear apart from standing sentences – the interested audience was put off to the presentation of the first interim results of the concept at the “Forum Alpbach”. “

Chancellor Kurz, Vice Chancellor Kogler and Minister of Economic Affairs Schramböck have today defined seven core topics for this location strategy – these include the digitization of industrial production, “specialized technology leadership”, the expansion of digital and service business models, the energy and mobility transition, green tech & green materials, Life Science & Biotech and “Quality of Life, Creativity and Art”.

Norbert Hofer, however, fears that the Greens’ fantasies of increasing taxes will thwart the plans for the location strategy, the FPÖ chairman refers to the already decided NoVA increase and the plan provided for in the Climate Protection Act, a 50% if the climate targets are not achieved by 2030 to carry out an increase in the mineral oil tax. That makes Austria unattractive and will certainly not catapult the country into the top business locations in the world.

The country does not need any marketing concepts, but rather an effective location policy. Two essential points that would make Austria more attractive for companies are already in the government program of Schwarz-Grün: Lowering corporate tax to 21 percent and lowering employer contributions, which makes it cheaper to hire people for companies. “We no longer need any announcements or PR concepts, but real help for people in the Corona period: where the location policy of the federal government is leading can be seen in the example of MAN and in the mega-belly“ Kaufhaus Österreich ” to whom the government wanted to provide an answer to Amazon & Co ”, holds FPÖ federal party chairman NAbg. Norbert Hofer finally.

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