Four arrests in helicopter hijacking investigation

In the investigation into Friday’s helicopter hijacking at Deurne airport, in which a 36-year-old pilot was threatened and forced to fly to the women’s prison of Berkendael, four arrests were made on Saturday evening. The Antwerp public prosecutor’s office has confirmed this.

Three suspects have been actively tracked down since Friday afternoon. They had made an appointment for a helicopter flight over Brussels. Friday afternoon took off at the airport of Deurne, but once they were in the air, the 36-year-old pilot was threatened with a handgun.

She was forced to fly to the Forest prison and the women’s ward of Berkendael prison. The helicopter was circling low above the prison for a moment, but was unable to land. Then he flew on to Hélécine, near Tienen. There the three suspects got out of the helicopter and fled.

‘On Saturday evening, the federal judicial police (FGP) Antwerp was able to make four arrests’, confirms Kristof Aerts of the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office. More information can only be given later, according to the spokesperson. According to information from the Gazet van Antwerp to men from Limburg.


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