VIDEO: In Nhorn Karabakh, he became again. Armnie announced the first, with Zerbjdnci to blame for the stream Svt

Jerevan/Baku On Sunday, the Armed Forces and Zerbjdn accused themselves of the rivers in the Nhorn Karabakh area. The Zerbjdn Ministry of Defense announced that the army had sheltered Zerbjdnsk army positions and Zerbjdnsk communities and were dead and wounded among civilians. Army Prime Minister Nikol Painjan, on the other hand, informed that the air force had begun to start, and the Army Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that the Army of Zerbjd was bombing the villages of the Stabakert metropolis.


In response to the escalation of the uprising between Zerbjdn and Armni, Nhorn Karabach announced the stann first and mobilized all of him from the age of 18, informs TASS with reference to the military media. The general mobilization and stann was first announced by Sweat, so Armnie.

According to the Zerbjdn Ministry of Defense, the military armed forces began shelling the position of the Zerbjdn army along the entire line of the disputed country and municipality, which is located nearby, around 06:00 local time.

The Army Army stated that it had assembled two Zerbjdn helicopters, several drones and destroyed other Zerbjdn military equipment. zerbjdnsk page bag this information ash. Baku thus refuses the information that it would be on civilian duty.

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that Turkey condemns military activities, stands behind it and is willing to provide assistance. According to TASS, the ministry said that we will offer immediate assistance in the form it will want.

There is a long-standing dispute between Armni and Zerbjdn over the Nhorn Karabakh – an enclave in southwestern Zerbjdn with a strong ethnic military population. An armed conflict broke out in 1988, and Nhorn Karabach, with the support of Armnie, broke away from the bloody wolf, which claimed an estimated 30,000 dead and hundreds of refugees.

At present, the enclave and piled of the Lain Corridor, which is under the military control of Armenia, is being considered, while the country is considered occupied.


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